Coke vs Pepsi

Which do you prefer?

Image for post Coke vs Pepsi
44% Coke 20% Pepsi 36% Other
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10 12

i dont LOVE either of them and they taste similar enough that i dont care either way. they're aight.

As consumers, it's up to us to carry out the bad message.

I like both, but prefer Diet Pepsi.

I like a diet coke. Used to be a real coke drinker. And i drank a lot.
I dislike pepsi enough that when coke changed the recipe back in the early eighties that i drank RC cola.
I was thrilled when classic coke made its comeback.

A thousand years ago it was coke for seeming ages, then Pepsi became the better - now I drink neither...

Cocaine works better than Pepsi.

Water...never was much of a soda pop drinker..

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