Flavored water is good, amirite?

Image for post Flavored water is good, amirite?
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No, I like just plain water.

Mio is pretty good smile smilie

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I have packets of Berry Splash I can add to make water taste...something... Hold the vodka till after 6.

@Zolfie What brand are the berry splash? crystal light? What about berry vodka? JK...

KRISDA field berry splash packets... All natural and a nice berry flavour.

Berries with Grey Goose.

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I thought that was a lot, but if I'm translating that correct... it's about one-half to two-thirds a U.S. gallon. That is a lot of water, when thristy at a meal, I might drink that much in tea.

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Apple Cider Vinegar will never fail you hon. But don't take it...you might live too long...heh heh...(jerk)

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Yah...a conservative one...:)

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Ugh - way too sweet...

I like Smart Water for electoyles and some flavour...


That's why they made the G2 series

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Yes...I like tonic water flavored with Gin.

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