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We talked about this over a year ago. Im not an economist, not a soothsayer either. History would not keep repeating itself if people looked beyond their personal bubble.

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If we only count his salary, whats is 1,600,000 / 23,500 ? Only 68. So I guess it is fair that he makes 68 times as much as the average worker.

Perhaps they could consider giving some shares to the workers so they will benefit that way as well.

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Not disagreeing at all. You are 100% correct.

The point is the 'Tax cut' is not helping the average person because trickle-down does not work. It has never worked and it never will work.

Just take away the facade of 'helping the working class' and admit this was a tax cut for the rich.

I'll stop bitching when those who voted for this tax cut stop saying it will grow the middle class. It won't.

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A "lot" hmm smilie

Best estimate I have seen is about $7 a week for people making under $100,000 and less than $84 a week for business earning less than $500,000 ebtida

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Good point.

For me $58 a week does not sound like a lot. I guess it is a meal in a nice restaurant for that couple.


I guess the real point is:

Is this a big enough benefit to the little people to justify what most sources say is a increase of nearly $1Trillion to the deficit?

And more importantly, won't the same people who pushed this tax cut be advocating to close that gap by cutting things like social security, infrastructure and public services ?

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Yes. Too bad they don't get paid a living wage so they could afford a house. But whatever, Jeff has a few nice houses so that's good.

It's great that they're employed, Amirite?

What is your real complaint Vic?
That ownership makes more than employees?
Employees make more than you?
That Hillary lost the election?
That Mueller can't find a damn thing to pin on Trump?

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