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True. But it is sure fun!

Any minute gain the average taxpayer might have seen with this taxcut is being eaten up by increases across the board. And making it less than nothing. A penny here, a dollar there. All on necessary items. Increased interest rates.

Yes, so much winning...

It must be Obama's fault.

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I do think many people are aware, that the spikes in gas prices can not really be blamed on the president currently in office. I would hope, anyway, that most know there are many factors at play when that happens.
I do recall that Obama was often blamed when it happened...

I know! And this is the first time in the history of mankind that gas prices have gone up at the beginning of summer!
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I have gas. Just have a quick smell.

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If he's making so much money today, why is he posting on Amirite? lol Strange people on this site or braggarts one. lol

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Got no logical arguments. Resort to insults and fat jokes.

No wonder you support Trump. Two peas in a pod.

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