Since many years ago we were not subject to much change...and now we are...we're not doing too badly.

Must be all the practise we get... Do you feel there were/are changes you were against but reluctantly caved?

Image for post Since many years ago we were not subject to much change...and now we are...//we're not doing too badly.//
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How come I can't smoke on a bus anymore. 乂º︵º乂

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@Will_Janitor Or on a plane?

Haha, I still remember when you could smoke in a hospital God damn it. hehe smilie

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So...there's an offside. Bummer. So what is it...as long as yet doesn't effect the love.

Every new cell phone I get seems to be easier to learn.

@Will_Janitor Every new cell phone I get seems to be easier to learn.

Some people must like change...people who travel often.

There are also issues attached to change...and making changes of ones' own...changes which have a ripple effect...
Like: honey...we're moving to London...

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I make many grammatical errors. My thoughts often start with "so" or "well".
And split infinitives? I think i do that in everything i write. But then, i write as i speak. So i am a bumbler at my own, and only, language.

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Didnt take it as criticism:]. Only realizing that i do exactly what you observe. Making conversation.....

Change is inevitable, but not all change is for the good. While some change can build, other change can destroy. I don't have confidence that many in government can discern the difference.

Fashion. There were some things I swore I would never wear....that changed. lol

No not badly, terribly. We're insidiously handing all our independence and privacy over to the government as it comes disguised as something useful/enjoyable for us.
Soon our smartmeters will be telling the government how much electricity and gas we're using at what times of the day so they will roughly know when we're in and when we're out, and if that isn't enough they can switch off our gas and electric, they track us on our GPS but thats ok because they'll ask us if we want our heating switched on for when we get home, because we've become so dependent no one knows how to turn a dial anymore. Then when we get in we'll go to our smart refrigerator and it will let us know what food we need to buy so we can go online and order it and have it delivered to our door (no need to leave the house), then we can upload our photos to facebook (as the government has long since used facial recognition from our selfies stored on our mobile and laptop or made public online on sites like facebook, and we can spend our time doing silly pouting poses with our phone held high for selfies to make ourselves look somehow attractive like a trout, then log our thoughts which are usually based on clothes we wear, foods we eat or things we've bought because we are a consumer and throw away culture. We ask amazon echo and google home for answers for questions because we don't use our brain anymore or read books, this also allows the government to add more to the profile of what they know about us including voice recognition, and because books don't exist anymore the government can control history because in less that one hundred years no one will be around to remember and all its takes is an online alteration.
People will think they have more freedom because they have a whole amount of words to describe their sexual orientation or preferences, but all thats really happened is they learned aload of useless labels that in the scheme of things are not giving more clarity but causing more confusion, whats wrong with just saying "I like this or that?"
Money doesn't exist anymore everything is just an exchange of numbers punched into a computer, this means nothing has muçh value as it hasn't been backed by gold or silver in a long time, but people cannot buy and sell goods between eachother without the government tracking it. When we do go out and by stuff we use our fingerprints and rectina scanning and of course yet another part of our being given over to the government. We go home and watch reality TV on our smart TV through which the government can also hear our conversations, then we go off to work in our electric smart cars that the government can control. We watch our fake news about all the threats facing us and are grateful that we have given up our freedoms for this dependence. And if we do realise the horrendousness of the situation we are sliding into we can't speak up about it because everyone else has been brainwashed into thinking this is a good thing and you are an outsider, and political correctness has become so restrictive and intolerant of free speech we can't even talk about the truth anymore.
Sound familar?
Bye Bye freedom hello 1984 written by George Orwell who was Aldous Huxleys student, Huxley wrote A Brave New World, and was the grandson of Thomas Huxley (Darwins Bulldog), Aldous Huxleys brother was Julian Huxley a eugenicist.

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