I bought a batard today. I saw it and thought it would make my wife happy. If you didn't know what a batard was, what would you guess it to be?

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I think it is French for 'bastard' actually.

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Indeed. When the baker gets to the end of the batch of dough used for making baguettes. The bit that is left (the bastard) gets rolled into a stubby loaf. Traditionally the baker would take that one for her lunch.

I'm thinking it's a weight loss instructional video.

I would have thought it was something someone wielded. a smilie


My first thought was a baton. lol lol

It’s a kind of bread. They’re popular with my customers, just behind the baguettes.

Ahh, that's very nice.
Mrs. Budwick likes it when I make bread. My go to recipe for Batard European-Style Hearth Bread can be found here.

I know what a bastard is I'm just wondering what your wife wants with one.

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