Wastebot: Turn plastic and other trash into fuel at home

[VictoryGasworks] Wastebot uses carbon chemistry to break the molecular bonds in plastics, styrofoam, paper, yard clippings and organic waste at high temperatures, reducing them back into their hydrogen and carbon building blocks, the same building blocks found in petroleum fuels. Instead of using crude oil and fracked gas to make fuel in far away places, it uses the carbon in yard waste as a self heating catalyst to transform household garbage into clean fuel at home. Wastebot can be used for: Greenhouse heating in cold climates
... Electrical power generation and off grid power ... Plastic to oil and plastic to fuel ... and more. Now that the 3rd generation prototype is complete, we are teaching the technology to other engineers, inventors, makers, misfits and visionaries. DIY Plans are available at http://www.wastebot.com Research units will be available during the crowdfunding campaign. Proceeds benefit future development.