Help By: omegaopinions March 27, 2018 As most people know, depression a mental illness that is caused by a number of things. One thing that causes depression, as Hellen Farrell from TED-ED states, “The abnormal transmission or depletion of certain neurotransmitters.” Today, I will be arguing to why people with depression shouldn’t think it’ll go away without help from doctors or medications because depression is harmful both mentally and physically, and overpopulated. Physically, depression can be harmful because people may commit suicide. As Ann Pietrangelo from Healthline says, “350 million: number of people people worldwide who suffer from depression” This number is quite large, and suicide is not an uncommon thing. People may also affect their body in ways like changes in appetite. Mentally, people will have symptoms that make them feel certain ways. Some symptoms that support this are feeling worthless or guilty, or low mood. Now, some people out there say “Depression isn’t real!”. To those people, i’d like you to keep in mind that some people with depression may look fine, but are actually suffering from this ever-growing illness. Too many people have depression. As said earlier, 350 million people worldwide have depression. Though this number may seem small compared to the 7 billion people on this earth, as Hellen Farrell states, ”According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it takes the average person suffering with a mental illness over 10 years to ask for help,” With the 3 million people who get depression each year in the U.S alone, it won’t take long before more and more people get depression. Lots of people think they can treat depression by themselves, and they’ll be “fine” and “can handle themselves.” Now, I don’t want to make those people feel worse, but depression isn’t something you can just get over. Just like you can’t get over a broken leg, or a dislocated shoulder. You need help to treat those things, and there are lots of people who can help. It is important to treat depression, and there are natural treatments such as these from Morgan Griffin from WebMD, “...Set goals...Eat Healthy...Try to Have Fun.” That’s all for today. Hopefully, this speech has educated you on the effects of depression. And to those who have depression, I hope that now you know what you’re facing, you can help yourself make the right choice. You now know why people with depression shouldn’t think it’s treatable with help from others or medications because it is harmful both mentally and physically, and is overpopulated. Thank you for listening to me.