Tolerance costs you nothing.

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What Him said!

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@Budwick What Him said!

You reminded me of the translator Indian Gopher: YouTube video thumbnail


I dont agree with you...yet, him.
I feel like i am a good, decent, honorable person...
I have dealt with intolerance more times that i can recall. Less so as the years have progressed, but..still, sometimes.
I dont care if anyone accepts me. But dont denegrade me for my ideals, preferences, and/or my way of life. If i harm or affect no one in a negative way, then who and what i am isnt of concern.

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I appreciate that. But many people are not as open minded. I get that a crime is a crime. But when a person is targeted for no reason but for who they are, that is a civil rights violation. Hate crimes are real, and committed by groups of all kinds.

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I think it would do many people well to spend some living time in a neighborhood with that kind of diversity.

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It is much easier to recognize people as individual human beings when you see them just living life.
This damned internet has a real depersonalizing aspect, imo

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There you go. Now, if i can get you to recognize that liberal women arent all ignorant, malevolent people, we will be making progress;)
Or that all lesbians are fat and cant get a man....we could work on that too.....

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:).okay...i will find assured and get her to take a nap....

I agree ... I usually accept people of all sorts. Some things, however, are intolerable.

There are some things I will not tolerate.

In many many many circumstances, tolerance has cost people their lives.

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Everyone speaks of tolerance. Empathy is what we need to find in ourselves.

Agree and disagree. An example: If we tolerated child molestation, it would cost a LOT. I say that you can't tolerate what harms others but you do tolerate what doesn't.

Except for excessive pride, egotism, hate. Depends on what you are being tolerant of, being tolerant of violence or abuse could cost someone their life or freedom.

receipts for Lactaid beg to differ

@Wunderscore receipts for Lactaid beg to differ

So, as you probably meant to say...
"Intolerance can be very costly."

@VicZinc So, as you probably meant to say... "Intolerance can be very costly."

tolerance for the tolerant is free

tolerance for the intolerant.. not so much

Why don't you have tolerance for The President?

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