My mother, grandparents, and third wife didn't come to just to have it overrun by immigrants!

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Darn immigrants. biggrin smilie My grandparents should have stayed in Germany where they belonged. frown smilie

Did you go back home to get your third wife? What happened to the first two?

Did Granny just come over and plop her ass down? I doubt it. Immigrants in years gone by came to America to become Americans. They loved America before they even got here. They wanted to learn English, get a job, go after the American dream, assimilate, become as American as Apple pie themselves!

Since you posted anonymously, I immediately question the purpose of your post. So, I'll just leave it at that.

I would like us to know who is coming here, and if they would like to become an American citizen let them go through the process just like everyone else.

Third wife...

Somewhere down the line i wouldnt be surprised if he slept with an illegal immigrant prostitute

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