[Huffington Post, Feb 2016] Iran Plays and Backstabs the US: Iran Dumps Dollar in Trade. Why is Iran moving away from the US right after the nuclear deal was reached?

[Huffington Post, Feb 2016] Why Back Away from the Dollar? For several reasons. The Islamic Republic will make every effort possible to scuttle US national interests and foreign policy in the region, as well as to destroy US status as a global power. ... ...

First of all, Iranian leaders believe that one of the factors behind US global influence is the power of the petrodollar. The US dollar is the world’s primary reserve currency representing approximately more than 60 percent of identified currency reserves. From Iran’s point of view, reducing the use of the petrodollar will negatively affect US power. ... ...

Secondly, this is the right time for Iran to back away from the dollar. For one reason, Iran is not risking a war with the US as the White House just signed a nuclear deal with Iran and is not willing to jeopardize its crowning foreign policy “accomplishment”. For another reason, at this moment, Russia, China, India and European countries are on Iran’s side more than before, due to Iranian markets opening up. ... ...

Third, Iran is attempting to significantly reduce its dependency on the US dollar in case Washington or the International Atomic Energy Agency realizes that Iran is cheating on the nuclear agreement and that sanctions should be rolled back. That is why Rouhani was rushing to seal business deals across Europe and Asia by letting the other party use any currency rather than the dollar. For imports, Tehran will be also paying with other countries national currency; the Euro, the Chinese Yuan, the Indian rupee, or the Russian Ruble.

Iran Plays and Backstabs the US: Iran Dumps Dollar in TradeThe Islamic Republic declared that it ishttps://www.huffingtonpost.com/majid-rafizadeh/iran-plays-and-backstabs_b_9229384.html
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You mean that maybe the Iranian mullah's are not trustworthy?
Jeez, is it even legal to say that?

I see a great business opportunity here to make little burnable American Flags and sell them to the middle east.

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Savage oil? Smh

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Still shaking it.

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