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Fuck off... Are you asking for more Nightwish, you swindly-eyed surfboard-thruster?

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I have a shark, that has your index fingers finding mod, in my pocket.

I prefer musicals like Chicago or West Side Story. Movies are better for me.
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Both can be enjoyable.


I'm still waiting for the East Side Story! It would be only fair to feel the horror they had. "Here comes a dancer king, very good... You can close your mouths now, children. Very dancy, very blowy, farting like you have never seen. That is the scene! Attack, you mmmmmmmmmm................."

Carousel, Showboat, Sound of Music!

Both are a form of torture to me.

Never cared much for musicals. Never really cared for plays either. I prefer movies, stand up comedy, or watching live MMA.

I like most live theater, but especially musicals.
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Unless that play is The tempest being performed by Rachel Amber and Chloe Price


I think there's a better chance of actually being entertained if there are somes songs and dance involved.

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