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I've washed my fit-bit more than once. They get expensive to keep replacing

Most everything already mentioned. Luckily, money doesnt disintegrate.

Notes and phone numbers ... the ink washed away, but the blank paper was in good shape. un smilie

Usually Kleenix, a couple of dollars, that's about it.

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That's the darned "non-skid" rubber backing that disintegrates in the wash after a while .... horrid stuff!


I agree Kleenix is bad, especially when stuck on black jeans or black Tees.

But your problem is even worse. Yikes.

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Coins come out nice and shiny! a smilie

Coins, keys, gum, thankfully never kept banknotes in my pockets

Well here, my keys with my gym key, kleenex, ink pens, markers, my medicine, cough drops, my cell phone, my earbuds, chapstick, my lipstick, chocolate candy, suckers, my ring...oh I could keep going for days on this one ono smilie


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hehe smilie

That does resemble me at the washer while I wait wary smilie

Ink pens, paper, my wallet, guitar picks, change.

Probably could save some time by just putting Pods in my pockets.

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Just a tissue most often. I did wash a pair of prescription sunglasses once, though. They got beat up, but I still use them sometimes. a smilie

money, all kinds of things. u should have seem the flashlight twirling and shining through the rinse cycle. haha

Facial tissue - in cold weather, that's a pocket must.

Just tissues and pens.