A TRUE TOMBOY is never tamed!

Don't even try! We only RP it if we're kinky

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Whoever disagreed is wrong!

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If they change they were just a fake to begin with and really liked girly stuff

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There are some girls things I like like princesses and pixies but I grew up with transformers and model trains

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pretty much!! I actually braided a long haired boys hair into pigtails once


also look my biggest fan is back!!

Never gonna happen! I gave all my barbies Mohawks and piercings.

geez what's wrong with you dudes? lol!! Let us be one of you


Btw whoever is doing this stalked me to youtube and made random accusations on unrelated comments and stalks me to all my other media except my DA account. I seeeeriously hope they don't follow me there...because that would be....sooooooo bad......and oh noes!! please dont!! heh heh heh.

Seriously if i ever find this individual they are going to be hunted down like vermin and mocked mercilessly

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say what you want about them but after watching some of it....those girls are fierce as FUCK

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Yes! I used to think they were just some bimbos parading in underwear but they are fearless!! FUCK YEAH girls! That's my kinda attitude!

42 people agree I win

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I think "tamed" is the wrong word. Because I don't think a tomboy is a wild animal that needs to be "tamed" and I believe Tomboys can be extremely reasonable (which I think reasonable as tamed).

I guess it all depends on how you define "true tomboy" and "tamed"

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