I hate guys who pretend to be feminists to get in my pants

I don't like desperate creeps! Stop with the "you did pretty good for a girl" pat on the head "go change the world" crap. I know you just get turned on by girls who take command and don't really care about my causes. While I do like bdsm, I don't appreciate someone who is sex obsessed kinky or not. Like 24 7 no!!!

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I prefer my men to be non conservative....I don't date anyone over 60

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Give me a bad boy with mohawks and piercings and tats not a goody two shoes stepford smiler who demands I do what he says

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I don't want boring normal guys. i appreciate alternative beauty. My sex drive is linked to rarity and toughness at the same time but with a bit of sensitivity. I like bad boys. I like rebels and people who don't conform. Conformity is a big turnoff to me. It says to me that you'd rather blend in than stand out. That you're afraid to express something different or try new things. That you try too hard to be accepted by society and value getting a stable life over being yourself. Those aren't my values. To me if you gotta blend in to get ahead It's not worth it. Also the more traditional you are the less exciting to me you are. I like to shake things up. I like to shock people and draw attention. I want someone like me. I'd rather take the unicorn over the common breed stable horse

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Someone takes comments to literally heh heh heh

Also your name makes me assume you look like this so....

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Not helping!

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There is a difference between fantasy domination and actual domination. Those who can't see that have trouble distinguishing real from pretend, are are unstable and dangerous.

What I'm saying is if you're a guy and you tell me you're a feminist....you better mean it. You better not start demanding sex every five minutes because you think I owe it to you for you supporting me. That's not how things work. I'm a very fun person to play with but you have to wait until I want it. That's the rule. If I want it and the boy says no I would respect him so why not the other way around? Thats all I really want. Is for someone to say they support feminism and fucking mean it.

BDSM has nothing to do with feminism negatively or not. It is a set of sexual rp fantasies. Clearly you don't think George Lucas wants to choke people out with the force in real life, but he wrote it into his fantasy adventure because it gives feelings to the audience. In the case of BDSM those feelings are sexual. I'm into rough kinky sex....It's just how I am wired. I can't change it. I tried. Many times. It doesn't work. You are into what you are into. There's no way out. Even if it's at odds with your life philosophy. That's just the way life goes. Just gotta role with it

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There is a difference between sex and love for me. Sex is a physical and emotional high love is something that lasts forever. I don't need an orgasm at all to have a loving encounter with someone. I think most women would agree with that. But I like a little excitement in my life. I'm a creative person I like stories, it's just who I am. I love to make things. I love a good adventure wrought with peril and suspense. It's exciting to me and releases endorphins. Like I said, what excites you excites you, you can't change it. You can try, but You'll never reach the same level of satisfaction unless you just let it go. That's why I'm bisexual too. To me nothing compares to the soft love of another woman.

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That's not what i'm talking about. I'm talking about guys who say they are feminist but are really just as demanding and self absorbed as any sex obsessed prick out there. I don't want someone to conquer me I want to conquer eachother and then fight it out in a hot fiesty lust fight. If you can't handle my rough sex and start going all MRA "women shouldn't hit men" garbage on me you can't handle my relationship.

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I love how you're trying to look like you know it all yet you use name calling. That makes you look really smart.

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Oh No I didn't get offended at all sugarbear, I just wanted to point out that its a poor debate tactic if you want to seem like you know what you're talking about. A tomboy huh? Maybe we have more in common than you think. Ever clock a guy in the face?

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No athletic ablility huh? Softball, Football, Soccer, Derby, all that stuff but no athletic ability huh? I honestly don't even know what you're on about now and I'm starting to think that you may be the one who's been stalking me all this time. Come on just fess up. It was you with the cowardly anon disagrees wasn't it? And you with those inane comments on youtube? maybe it was even you who asked me those easy football questions and when I answered them accused me of looking them up on wikipedia. I disagree with many other people on this site. But they all respect me. Because they see me as a peer.


Is it you who spends their days sitting around waiting for me to post so you can disagree 27 times in a row an think you struck a blow for some cause by pressing a button?

Man when some people get old their minds seem to rot until they feel only anger and hate. I can't imagine living that life. being angry ALL the time. I just can't grasp that mentality.

You remind me of the mean girls in high school who bullied other girls until they killed themselves. You're like the cliquey girl who destroys someone's life because you think they're ugly. In all the time on this site I have NEVER had to use the block feature and I am soooo tempted right now. You're really testing my patience.

I don't even want to fight you anymore. I don't want anyone to really be an enemy. I'd rather be friends with everyone. I like to see the good in people even after all the shit I've been through seeing death violence rape and depression. I can find common ground with Maze and Budwick and all these conservatives even neandrathol momdooer or whatever his name was. We've all had SOMETHING we could agree on. I want to be allies with other strong women if you're really the tomboy you say you are we may have more in common than you think.

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred Is It really that difficult? When I meet someone I like it just goes along nice no conquering

I may have phrased it kinda dumb but I'm very matter of fact and to the point. I don't do fancy Shmancy stuff. But what I meant to Imply was I like rough sex but consensual rough sex. If the rough sex is not consensual you're gonna get beat up in a very non sexual way....by janet

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Anyone who thinks I owe them sex Is gonna get dumped faster than diarrhea in the toilet. I don't waste my time with that.

Any religious sect that places men above women is garbage to me and I don't want anything to do with the men from it.

If anyone is misrepresenting themselves to get in bed with me it's a sign of the least attractive thing in the world: being desperate. Like creeps who cry when I reject them and beg me to take them. Even worse are those who threaten suicide if I don't go out with them. That's all called abuse. If you're gonna kill yourself over that the answer is not a girlfriend it's therapy. I'm not a therapist seek help elsewhere.

One of the most bizarre moments of being hit on to me was a guy in my college sci fi writers club who hit on every girl in the room but especially followed me around, and then started crying when I rejected him saying "I just want a girlfriend it's not fair" I can see why he isn't getting one. That's not the way to get one. Confidence is sexy. Desperation is overwhelmingly unattractive and creepy. I hate to say it but, it's true. We can't help it. We're wired that way. Girls don't want people to beg us for sex or affection. People don't want people to fake things to get with us. It's repulsive. How bout you just start with getting to know us, find out who WE are. care about our crap. Listen to us and we will listen back. Don't lose your cool and fall to pieces or become a poser. No one wants to be with a poser. Like all those guys who wear skate clothes but never could name a single skater much less stand on a board. Be you. But don't lose it. And don't cry those fake luring tears. We see through that.

@TomboyJanet Direct quote not even kidding lol

Sometimes, this being one of them, I am somewhat ashamed to be a part of the male gender.

Almost as if by simply being associated by this example of shear stupidity somehow sullies me.

I really like that picture first of all. Second of all, There are a lot of guys out there who marginalize women's causes but say they support them so they can get in with the girls and be seen as "safe". I support you!! Don't you wanna sex me now? no....That's what im fighting against dope!!

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