So close! But the second state, Kentucky, that tried to ban child brides is blocked. By Shariah Mullahs? nope! by the ultra conservative group Family Foundation. Kentucky has about 700 child-bride marriages a year, and 10000 children have been married-off there since 2000. No relief for these kids I guess.

I know I am going to take another load of grief for this but if it helps people understand that this is not OK, I will take that load every day for the rest of my life.

Vote on bill to outlaw child marriage in Kentucky delayed after opposition from conservative Family Foundation - Insider LouisvilleSen. Julie Raque Adams' bill to outlaw child marriage in Kentucky was set to receive a vote in committee on Thursday, but she says that vote was scrapped after lobbying from the conservative Family Foundation of Kentucky, which viewed it as diminishing parental rights.https://insiderlouisville.com/metro/bipartisan-child-marriage-bill-faces-roadblock-from-conservative-family-foundation/
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Some parental rights need taken. Like the right to marry off your 14 year old daughter.

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UGHHH This is sick sick sick!!! What is wrong with these traditionalist scumbags? Fucking pedos. There is no morality on that side of the spectrum. It's all just fake for the sake of their traditions that destroy lives but they don't care. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM!!? Gay marriage bad pedo marriage good. I thought gays were the nasty molesters? I guess it's ok to fuck kids but only after marriage!! god dammit these people are drowning in their own hypocrisy

@TomboyJanet UGHHH This is sick sick sick!!! What is wrong with these traditionalist scumbags? Fucking pedos. There is no...

It says in Kentucky there is no age limit as long as you get the child pregnant first. So any man can statutorially rape a child and then legally marry her. If that doesn't sound like Shariah law I don't know what does.

Between this and the pagents where the kids get fake breasts and the "My daughter is hot" crowd I never wanna visit these folk's houses. Give me a good old punk rebel lesbian over these creeptastic stepford zombies any day

Just as I expected hillbillies rotten teeth from mountain dew too

If a couple in Kentucky get divorced, are they still brother and sister?

Maybe they're just trying to make muslims feel more at home?

Not surprisingly the OP and his fervent supporters have reported only part of the story and presented it in way that would be most damaging to republicans.

The reality is found with a little investigation - Family Foundation - “The original version of this bill would have allowed a judge to approve a marriage, giving parents no way to contest it… We have always been in full support of a full prohibition of the kind of marriages the story said we were defending.”

Are there no limits to depth of depravity the left will scour to tell their lies? I guess there's always a handful of dim-bulbs that believe that stuff without question. Such blind hatred,... very sad.

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