Stop trying to make conservatism hip...It's not happening.

We're the cool ones!! We're the rebels we're the punks, we have the tats the piercings the wild sex parties we have fun we play loud music we drive fast we try no things we have sex in more than just the missionary position, we get the hot lesbians, we get the sexy mohawks, we got the free spirits no worries toke up thrive on happiness not tradition lives.

You're the old men yelling get off my lawn, you're the party busters, the fun killers, the sex breaker uppers, the "none of that" people. You tell us to stop having fun, you scold us for things like babies, you make us study bible when we want to go out and play, You're the boring ones!! Not us! That's our thing. We got the good music, you got.......Whatever the hell this is YouTube video thumbnail

WE got the rockers the beatles the punks you have....okie chokie and his bottle neck band or whatever singing about church.

let's face it, you're girls usually turn out to be blonde busty bimbos who just want to submit to men. Your guys are....unattractive. And usually over 250 pounds (a no no zone for me)

Only thing you got is cool cars I'll give you that one. But the happy sappy fifties sitcom family.....creepy!! Boring!! I'm 30 years old and I'm still wild. You may think people envy you sitting in a cubicle with your dumb little tie and ugly shirt but you really just look like someone who licks glue in the back of a classroom and drools on his pencils when he chews them. Pocket protectors....totally rad bro!! not!! Free spirits ALWAYS beat office drones