Straight up Question: are you more liberal or conservative

Just wanna take a tally

Image for post Straight up Question: are you more liberal or conservative
36% Liberal 30% Conservative 18% Centrist 15% Other
TomboyJanets avatar Politics
3 15

hahaha I think most people know what I picked. lol

Just wanna see where this site is at. Ironically Liberal is the one in red lol

I consider myself moderate, but I am definitely center left

Flrdsgnss avatar Flrdsgns Centrist +2Reply

I don't support the extremes of either side but I lean towards the left on a lot things.

OzSurfers avatar OzSurfer Liberal +2Reply

I'm very conservative.

JustJimColos avatar JustJimColo Conservative +2Reply

I'm Conservative Libertarian. I want a small government that stays the Hell out of our personal lives.

I honestly think it depends on the issue(s). Also I feel as the political parties aren't completely consistent in their own believes, and so are we labeling based off what they claim to be? Or what they actually do? Though I believe in smacking stupidity no matter what party it's coming from ... because both sides have a lot of stupidity...

And I don't like talking politics on social media (because it turns into a pissing contest when people attack first and then MAYBE read later)... but I believe the parties are more power party control than they are about their issues. Like all sides, will choose giving the party more power, then following the the voters. So I sorta regret all sides to a degree because of that belief.

I am definitely more liberal than conservative, in the general sense of the meaning of those labels.

Piper2s avatar Piper2 Liberal +1Reply

Somewhere in the middle but I guess I lean more to conservative.


I don't want to be associated with the crazies on either side. I will say that one side is far more dangerous than the other side though.

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