Where's a good place to people watch?

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I was there once when I was 10 or 12 years old. I remember a dinky little Ferris wheel, but I really liked their merry-go-round, where you could try to grab brass rings as you went around. Don't know if they still have that... much too dangerous for nowadays... a kid might fall off the horse. hehe smilie

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How rudely un-Canadian!!
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Why can't you be nice, like Marky and Sukie?

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At least JD has his politics more or less right. hello smilie

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I thought that was called girl-watching.

You're leaving out a lot of other people. hello smilie hehe smilie

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But, but... nowadays there are 63 genders, and counting. cyc smilie


You're lucky I'm not a snitch, or you might be in big trouble. hehe smilie

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Yep, you'd probably lose a fight with Caitlyn. biggrin smilie
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I said fight, not... shock smilie

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Ok, wear rubber gloves. biggrin smilie

Airports and train stations.

@JanHaskell Airports and train stations.

Good ones, for people waiting. Also doctor offices (or offices in general.) Again, it all depends on what you're looking for.

I've also know some people who get paid to diagnosis and/or teach different things... some of their favorite games are to go to a restaurant or someplace and guess how people met, or their relationship to each other etc.

On the city/town streets of a tourist destination. All kinds of folks. And...if there is a lake nearby, you can duck away and turn it all off.

A beach, a mall, anywhere where there are two or more people.

From a hacked CCTV server

I say the best places are parks or malls or public places where people could do multiple different things. Also depending on what you're looking for... beaches, clubs, colleges.

@StarzAbove And airports. Those are the best places to people-watch. lol

When at airports (so far), I've been too freaking bored.... (to people watch)... of course that's because I'm wondering why I have to get there early, to past through really slow and really bad security (they were bad, and when they test TSA, usually TSA fails horribly), just to wait for a plane that I know is going to be late (because it's always late)... just to wait for someone to get off that plane and drive them home.

@StarzAbove haha That's why I people watch, out of boredom. lol

Oh, I people watch partly because I'm there and nothing better to do, but also because I like learning and watching people have to make choices... or do something different than one another.

At the airport... seems like everyone is doing the same exact thing... waiting... nothing else.

@StarzAbove Ha, waiting, reading, eating, sleeping, fighting their kids, etc. lol

Yeah but it's waiting, wait reading, wait eating (because they're bored), and wait sleeping. Also the food choices in the airports I've been at, have been HORRIBLE... and not many where eating.

Dealing with kids and pets can be exciting and entertaining smile smilie

Just about any park, mall, Fair, festival.

From a distance, because sometimes invading bubbles with watching angers people.

Walmart....I shop there online.

I only go to the store when I can't find a documentary on wild animals.

If you squint your eyes...
It looks like a gathering of desperate animals, trying to get the last few drops of water at a watering hole.

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