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I kept hearing about this so I decided to have a listen, I'll be honest it was one of the weirdest things I've ever heard. Like me so many people were displeased with the winner compared to what else was being presented. I had enough of this so I went to the grocery store to get some things and as I go I pass by some people on a bench discussing how bad the winner of the contest was. There is no getting rid of this, yet I didnt even notice it had occurred by today.

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I don't know what it is about but when I googled the word --A picture of a fat ugly dark haired woman assaulted my eyes. So let the europeans keep thatscn smilie

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I genuinely thought that was a poor woman who was constantly getting a beard photoshopped

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Couldn't word it better myself, I was wondering what the hell were any of those people thinking by choosing this one.

Never heard of it ... guess my social media isn't one of "Every". lol

Its the Mtv of Europe

@RobertVonnik Its the Mtv of Europe

Lol and there's a reasons why the U.S. didn't want to join this music event (this being one of them)

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