Let's play a game, put a picture of an animal and make up a profile as if it were on a dating site.

Image for post Let's play a game, put a picture of an animal and make up a profile as if it were on a dating site.
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Here's an example:
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Sharon, 46 - Lawyer, divorced with 2 kids, dislikes cliché pick up lines, does not believe in love, reads spicy poetry, fan of fifty shades of gray, dislikes cheap drinks.

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Leo, 39 - Computer Tech, single, likes to rock and roll, loves great food, especially raw steaks. Fancy dresser, great with small talk.

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Jack, 43. Lawyer at a big firm during the day, exotic dancer at night, medical college student in-between. Enjoys long fast trots through the prairies. Very persuasive. Doesn't take a no for an answer.

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Would love to see that.

Totally Random
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Berry, 37 - Woodworker, lots of kids, lives alone, likes being outside, going on long walks, messing up humans' flowerbeds, dislikes humans, cars, long term commitment... hit me up if you like a tongue bath, I can lick for DAAAAAAAYS xp smilie

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Manny, 27. Flamboyant nature lover. Bacon free for 3 years! Likes barnyards, mud wrestling, and apple picking. Hates BBQ and charcuterie. Let's meet for some mushroom hunting and then a very long nap.

Love this sunny. Many grins.

@Carla Love this sunny. Many grins.

Maybe you should do one for you pup? xp smilie

@Zolfie Maybe you should do one for you pup?

Alice, 77.
Loves travel, leisure, cuddles and fine food. Looking for friends, no commitments.

Foxy Blitch, 22 - Model, Likes healthy and hygienic people, Loves modelling and photography, Dislikes couch potatoes. Lookin for a rich and smart dawg.

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Haha animal dating site! :D

@Zolfie Haha animal dating site! :D

Go on, try the gimmick. Find a photo of an animal and imagine what kind of person it would be if they were sentient.

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Cindy, 20, I'm shy, but a hugger, I like Forrest hills tr hat have bambo, I'm very much a foodie, with a very picky diet, but I know my food shoots. If you'd like to hang out with the trees, pleases contact me, and plz no d!ck pics

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