Could I be wrong about Trump?

I still believe Trump is a vile, amoral, uncouth man, but could I be wrong in thinking he would destroy the country? I have to admit, the economy is bumping along and unemployment is at a 20 year low. People seem to be confident and secure with their jobs and are spending money like I haven't seen since Clinton was President.
I sell flooring materials in a very small mountain town (maybe 7500 people) and haven't had a full day off work in over 3 weeks now. One son started an HOA management business 7 or 8 years ago. He started with 3 other people, they now have 160 employees and looking to expand again. A 3rd son is in the entertainment business as an agent, and is so stressed out with overwork that I'm actually worried about his health.
Those who think Trump may be a one term president could well be wrong. If the economy keeps going along like this, there is no way he will not be re-elected.