Could Corruption be any More Blatant?

As the Trump admin. continues its dismantling of America their blatant disregard is rubbed in the face of the general public. Betsy DeVos as education secretary is a joke to begin with and to prove it she hired "for profit" college deans to investigate 'for profit" colleges and they immediately stopped all investigations. Then there's Mr Corruption himself, Scott Pruit, at the EPA who "deregulated" water and air standards while paying $43,000 for a phone booth and $400,000 in 3 months on personal travel. Almost as bad is somnambulist Ben Carson at HUD (another joke) spending $31,000 on a dining table after raising rent on the poor. We don't want to forget Mnuchin from Goldman/Sachs (another crook) and Cohen his pay-for-play lawyer. Cuts to everything that serves the public interest to give it to themselves and their cohorts. This is nothing but flagrant contempt for working Americans yet the Trump base remains. Does anyone understand why? How could anyone call themselves American and support this insanity? The more I see it the less I get it

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not likely, he had a free pass to do anything. I hope trump will work hard to make things better, that is my hope.

And the things you mentioned are only a small portion of the corrupt deeds being done.
I have almost given up arguing with those that support the monstrosity that is the trump administration.
I can only presume to know why his base continue to ignore his blatant disregard for the people of this country. My presumptions are not pretty.
The republican party has folded. Their proclamations of family values, fiscal responsibility, fairplay and adherence to the constitution have all but vaporized.
I thought the blindness would be temporary. I am beyond sad that it is not.

He promised to drain the swamp, instead he's filled it up with vicious, corrupt alligators. A scandal every day, and Congress turns a blind eye to it. No other president in our history would have gotten away with all this corruption. We have a bunch of wimps in Congress, putting their jobs above their country. Pathetic. And even more pathetic is those supporters who are agreeing with all of his corruption.


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America is thriving? I guess that explains why 63% couldn't handle a $500 emergency.
The world is becoming safer? You're in the bubble.


JD I wonder why you have a strong opinion about trump as he isn't really affecting england is he?

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You realize trade deals have little or nothing to do with trade, right?

I agree, his cabinet picks are some of the worst and most corrupt I've ever seen, but as long as the economy is doing well, and people are making and spending more money, the corruption is overlooked.
Congress is the legislative body who needs to do something about the corruption, maybe a better question would be: Why has Congress given Trump and his cabinet a free pass?

The opening premise of this poll is about blatant corruption.

At least you have a drive-by media gleefully reporting every example they can dig up to make sure we hear about it (except for the one about the so-called impartial FBI planting a spy into the Trump campaign organization, which was WAY worse than anything related to the little Watergate kerfuffle)

The same drive-by media covered up all the Obama era corruption and labeled everybody who tried to report it a racist and got them blackballed by declaring everything they said was hate speech! Oh, and don't forget about all the crimes committed by the Clintons which James Comey said they wouldn't charge them with because "they didn't have intent", which was an irrelevant excuse.

@goblue1968 The opening premise of this poll is about blatant corruption. At least you have a drive-by media gleefully...

Right, the FBI planted a spy. Based on ???
What Obama and Clinton did or didn't do is completely irrelevant.
The "what about" defense is bullshit.

Meanwhile Trump is now worried about jobs in China and helping to get ZTE solvent. I'm sure it has nothing to do with China dumping half a billion into Trump's project in the Philippines.

This admin makes Obama and Clinton look like boyscouts.

@urwutuis Right, the FBI planted a spy. Based on ??? What Obama and Clinton did or didn't do is completely irrelevant. The...

OK, Since you say that the "what about" defense is bullshit, then you can't come back and state that "Obama and Clinton look like boyscouts". I already stated that it's abundantly known that the drive by media covered up all the Obama and Clinton corruption, so of course they look like "boyscouts" (sic).

But a lot of the Obama and Clinton corruption did get reported at the time, in spite of the drive by media cover ups, so your "boyscouts" analogy is blatant hypocrisy.

Yes, come see my country.

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