Could Corruption be any More Blatant?

As the Trump admin. continues its dismantling of America their blatant disregard is rubbed in the face of the general public. Betsy DeVos as education secretary is a joke to begin with and to prove it she hired "for profit" college deans to investigate 'for profit" colleges and they immediately stopped all investigations. Then there's Mr Corruption himself, Scott Pruit, at the EPA who "deregulated" water and air standards while paying $43,000 for a phone booth and $400,000 in 3 months on personal travel. Almost as bad is somnambulist Ben Carson at HUD (another joke) spending $31,000 on a dining table after raising rent on the poor. We don't want to forget Mnuchin from Goldman/Sachs (another crook) and Cohen his pay-for-play lawyer. Cuts to everything that serves the public interest to give it to themselves and their cohorts. This is nothing but flagrant contempt for working Americans yet the Trump base remains. Does anyone understand why? How could anyone call themselves American and support this insanity? The more I see it the less I get it