Do you ever barter?

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Copiers use to be a big ticket item. Must have gotten good things in return for them.

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1) Always pay with cash.
2) Always pay with cash, as long as it has nothing to do with Johnny.
3) Make weird sounds, whoops, fart in 9.1 THX, smell glorious and weep.
4) Pay with cash. Always.
5) Make it them to notice, that you are paying with cash...
6) ...even when you are the one wearing the t-shirt with the text...
7)... "I'm paying with cash and getting muttafukkin' 10 percent off this deal."

That's how it goes.

@Carla So....you always pay with cash?

Not always, we have this silly feature on our cards, these days, that up to purchasing 25 € worth of stuff at one sitting, you just hold the card in the air and a secured RFID chip does the rest. No need to insert the chip in the slot.

EDIT: Takes it about an inch from the reader, so it's safe for the other customers as well.

EDIT #2: We call that air'n'chip approach... Official term coming up... 'Approximaty payment'.

EDIT #3: Even with this system, it occasionally refuses to work, unless you insert the proper PIN. It's paranoid enough, but not too paranoid to be annoying.

@Carla Have you seen the bodily implanted phone prototypes? Creepy.

Yeah, the voices actually come inside your head, via the cranium. Very creepy.

Yes, of course.
A friend of mine traded a horse for a new tile roof. Great trade.

Yes, at garage sales. lol

I have done, on occasion. When the office I was working in needed something we were currently out of, for instance. Like printing paper for manila folders, or something.
I've also offered to cook dinner for someone, if they did a favor me.

I'm more likely to Homer..

Barter not much It is faster and easier to use cash.

I can't remember anything.

Probably when I was a kid...a baseball trading card for a dried frog or something like that.

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