Last one tonight. If you haven't heard the viral Laurel/Yanny thing, google it. Anyways, hats off the the white house staff for making me laugh tonight. President Trump and crew were having fun with it. Good for them! Nice job!

#Laurel? #Yanny? Or...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qsRU7C_Gp0
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Im going to google it. On your link i heard yanny each time.
But certainly, it was entertaining to watch the staff . Trumps response was the best.

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I only hear Yanny!

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Opposite for me. First time I heard Laurel, now I only hear Yanny.

Wtf is a yanny anyway?

@ForkNdaRoad Wtf is a yanny anyway?

"A yanny is a word or phrase that is capable of distracting the entire internet for at least 24 hours."

So, it's like a blue dress right?

Not that blues dress... The one everyone thought was white.

I saw this on the Ellen show yesterday and listened again just now .... I only hear Yanny!

Pretty funny, the bit with the White House staff. I distinctly heard Laurel when I first heard the recording yesterday morning. Every time since...Yanny.

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