Post a song that contains an unexpected twist.

Image for post Post a song that contains an unexpected twist.
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This song was running through my mind this morning! a smilie

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Oh, I'm very familiar with it! Good luck! hehe smilie
" ... Knee deep in flowers we'll stay ..."

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I remember that night .... they toasted with milk & honey. I was engaged myself at the time and thought it was hilarious.

This whole song covers "unexpected".

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"Scarlet Ribbons" was written in only 15 minutes in 1949 at Danzig's home in Port Washington, New York after she invited lyricist Segal to hear her music. The song tells a miraculous tale: a father hears his little girl pray before she goes to bed for "scarlet ribbons for her hair". It is late, no stores are open in their town, nor is there anywhere the father can obtain the ribbons so he is distraught throughout the night. At dawn he again peeps in and is amazed to see beautiful "scarlet ribbons" in "gay profusion lying there." He says that if he lives to be a hundred, he will never know from where the ribbons came

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