we will no longer tolerate the rule abusing attacks against us on this site just because my friends and I have ACCEPTED and tolerate the legally elected president. Bitter rule breakers will now be flagged and reported. If we are not welcome here to voice our opinions, then let Amirite Adm. tell us by deleting this post, which only points to ALL rule breakers.

For nearly a year, myself and my friends from EP have sat back, observed, and rolled our eyes in disbelief at the childishness and pettiness of those who hate the president of the United States. When commenting, we have been attacked & harassed, accused of being socks, trolls, and have had some new members accounts deleted when in disagreement by false flagging and favoritism. We were timid and hesitant to comment or post on this site because of retribution from the angry, hateful anti trump mob. NO MORE!!!
We will take it no longer!! All bad behavior and rule breaking will be reported to administration, and we are many. We urge other sane Amirite members to do the same. It is only a matter of time before Amirite administration realizes the angry and vindictive few who are preventing this wonderful site from booming.