Name three things the world needs NOW.

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1. Security, where people feel safe in their homes, their cities and their country.
2. Hope, for people's future and the future of their children.
3. Common sense, which is all but extinct when it comes to government.

Food for the hungry
A new United States President, that would make the biggest difference.

Love, sweet love?

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I disagree with that. When that happens, you have the mess we now have in the US. It seems that "open borders" are only popular, with those from other countries, when it refers to the US having them. No other country has open borders.

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I knew you were given your love of illegals moving from the US to Canada..<s>

Gotcha... LOL

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Canada, the other free teat just waiting to be milked dry.

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  • More Aussies in Finland
  • Less dick jokes
  • More dick jokes


Common Sense (No political correctness nor social justice warriors, don't fix something that isn't broken)

Space Exploration (Less war and more progress to humanity's future)

Unity (Unify as a species under a single banner)

1. Awareness

2. Awareness

3. Awareness

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3 more lists of what the world needs...

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