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Fear isn't what I was going for but the avatars sure are interesting.

I aint scared of no vic!

I liked the original best.

I'm unafraid. But I know you're not a fighter, so that's probably why.

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At times, Vic will post most deliriously,
At others, inanely imperiously.
He's an old SJW,
Who only can trouble you
If ever you take his stuff seriously.

This is not fair.

I fear them all...I ran so far away.

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This user has been banned.
This user has been banned.

dingsdingding. We have a winner!

Tell her she wins Johnny

Johnny: She gets to look at Vic's new avatar for the next few days!

Crowd: {goes wild}

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If you were a part of the English political system you could be Vic Tory.

none he isn't a bit important in my world..

I don't fear Vic at all...

The one where his head spins in a circle, while sparks shoot out of his ears.

Then starts singing 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees..


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