If I go to hell, I will not stop until I am queen!

Watch out satan! I am way tougher than you! If I'm already dead pain will mean nothing to me! I can't pass out now, I can't die, I can't be brain damaged, I am invincible. So just try to rule over me! You have a flaw in your little setup! I see right through you. I see fear in your soul. I am your nightmare. I am the boogieman below the boogieman's bed. I am what fear will learn to fear. I am what hate will learn to hate. I am Janet Vonnik, Bow to your mistress! I will Destroy you. Once I am queen of hell this earth will see an era that it will NEVER EVER forget.

My weapon is persistence, I will never give up, You can't fight me forever. I will be everywhere. I will find every secret. I will find every weapon. I will break every rule, if it takes billions of years so be it. You want me in hell for kissing girls? that was your last mistake. My heart is fire hotter than your pits, my desire is darkness darker than your caverns, My will is power greater than that of any deity. I will fear nothing if I cannot die. So what's your threat tiny?

I think I just found a loophole in the bible. Sorry but its true. My intolerance of pain is connected to a fear of death or bodily damage. Neither of which can occur if I'm already dead. Humans can adapt to anything. Janets never quit. Unstoppable force meet immovable object?

Imagine me queen of hell in a world where christian extremists are correct. The circle of hell reserved for gays turned into a spa and party room, The one reserved for rapists turned into the worst of all. The one reserved for non believers? Hotel Luxury! Maybe I should add some more deadly sins too. Like manspreading or revealing game of thrones spoilers or being a fan of nickleback. Maybe I'll send out an army of succubi to take down every MRA in the world. Maybe I'll entice people with a fruit from the tree of stupidity! Maybe I'll just send an army into the heavens and become the ultimate ruler of eternity.

So.....lets start now....who here is gonna start giving me offerings hmm?

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Lilith is the queen I'm afraid.

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@Creamcrackered Lilith is the queen I'm afraid.

I love her! We shall marry and rule side by side!

@Creamcrackered Lilith is the queen I'm afraid.

Lilith looks kinda like the statue of liberty, at least from the neck up. wt smilie

@Thinkerbell Lilith looks kinda like the statue of liberty, at least from the neck up.

WEll in that statue yeah. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe hell should have its own NYC too...with that statue in the island....I mean NYC already feels like hell what with the canyons of steel, burning metal, flaming smokestacks, crazy bums, and terrible weather. Not to mention bridge tolls.

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easy just use the back of a hammer

Everyone who disagrees with this will be sent to the ninth circle of Janet Hell where they will be tortured mercilessly by hot goth babes but also be forced to listen to Nsync and watch Gigli and Fifty Shades of Gray and Twilight on repeat.

That's all well and good but, what are you trying to prove?

That has to be the worst looking illustration of a female that I have ever seen.

I think you you have to clean the bathrooms for at least 5 years.

Sounds like a plan. But becoming Queen?
Doesn't sound very Progressive to me. shock smilie
I would have thought a Progressive would want to overthrow the Satanic exploiters of the working masses and establish hellish communes and soviets. biggrin smilie

@Thinkerbell Sounds like a plan. But becoming Queen? Doesn't sound very Progressive to me. I would have thought a...

Nah communism is boring. It's just not in my soul. I hate corrupt business and excessive disgusting wasting of money on yacht clubs and golf courses and gated communities, but Life just wouldn't be the same without theme parks. I like a good coaster. Maybe I'll just have an extra hellish torture chamber for ceos of oil corps there's no WAY they're getting into heaven at this point. It's kinda a greased chute downward now. But they'll get like a coupon for one day free of torture if they work at a theme park for me and my friends. Maybe they can be the guy in the bunny suit selling cotton candy

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