What is your fave vintage sci-fi movie, and why?

Image for post What is your fave vintage sci-fi movie, and why?
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"Plan 9 From Outer Space" It was so ridiculous, but a cult classic! This was Bela Lugosi's last film, and he died before it was complete. The later scenes were performed by another actor covering his face from the nose down.
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I like the old sinbad movies

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Aliens land and end up leaving because we aren't ready to meet them.

This is a hard one, Soylent Green and Fahrenheit 451 come to mind. Favorite? I don't know but definitely a prediction of things to come.

I love anything that Ray Harryhausen was involved with! The skeleton army from Jason and the Argonauts freaked me out as a kid. Image in content

Oh just about anything that was joked on by mystery science theater. I loved those guys with their silly comments. Especially the crow

None. They're all schlock.

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