Aprés wedding chit chat, anyone? Did the bride have to buy her own dress?

Image for post Aprés wedding chit chat, anyone? Did the bride have to //buy// her own dress?
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Didnt catch the nuptials. But have seen some clips. It seemed nice enough.
The dress? I bet she bought it.

I did like the rendition of "Stand by Me..."

That Camilla Parker-Bowles always looks like she's ready for a Pimms on the patio...

I would've had Cirque du Soleil. Although the Ave Maria was exceptional.

According to Forbes, Queen Elizabeth II had an estimated net worth of $530 million as of 2016. Forbes also reports the British monarchy "contributes nearly £1.8 billion to the UK economy" annually, including £550 million in tourism.

I'm betting she paid for it.... since she is worth over 5 million on her own. It's not like she isn't marrying into money either. I'm not concerned..or care. LOL

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I'll bet she was paid off to wear a dowdy dress...

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It was everywhere here. I bet you are drowning in it.

Most brides do buy their own dresse or the family does. And I heard that yes, she did buy her own dress. I thought it was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful dress. Not as pretty as Kate's but very nice and very becoming. She looked like a princess and now she is one.

Someone got married? xp smilie (kidding) ... honestly a bit glad I got to miss most of it smile smilie.

With all due respect to the Royals (and Prince Harry has always been one of my favorites)... and I think even they might agree with this... too many eyes and attention on them, and not enough on the common folk, such a commons Wedding. Sure it won't be as fancy, but it might be more realist and relaxed feel.

I should imagine the UK tax payer bought it.

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