What’s a weird or ridiculous way you’ve gotten injured?

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Going head first into cubby holes, my head hit one of the corner edges and started bleeding. I was in kindergarden and the floor was freshly mopped and wet.

Got an hour, maybe two?

Zip line. Tnwice. Once as a kid head slammed into a tree. 2nd time fell into bushes and branch ripped through my pants and thigh. First funny. Second Not funny.

Scratched my cornea on a bag of chicken.

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No knee trouble prior?

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Wow. That is a bit out of the ordinary....

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Walking into a dark room, thinking that I know where everything is, and still hitting my leg on a coffee table.

I can think of at least two, right off. One was when I fell asleep with my reading glasses on, and laid my head down on the earpiece. It went into my ear, and I woke up thinking somebody must be trying to kill me..that's how much it hurt.