There's a boy named Carol. He's made fun of throughout high school because of his weird name, and so he's become very shy. But he has a crush on a girl and works up the courage to ask her out. She says yes, and he's so happy. After years of dating, he works up the courage to ask her to marry him. She says yes, and he's so happy. When their first child is born, a girl, he lets the wife name her, because he still feels so lucky and fortunate just to be with her. The wife names the baby "Love". Love grows up and now she starts to be made fun of because of her weird name. She comes home from school one day screaming at her dad, asking why he gave her such a stupid name. He takes blame, wanting to protect his wife, and apologizes. Love says he ruined her life. She shoots him and runs away. Finally the wife comes home, sees Carol lying on the ground, screams and runs to him. "Carol! What happened?!" He beckons her to come closer, and with his dying breath he whispers in her ear: "Shot through the heart. And you're to blame. Darling you gave Love a bad name."