If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would you create?

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Beats Dumbo by a long shot!:-)


Chuck. Now if that came true nobody would ever go outside for fear of a poo.

How about two Australian mammals, the red kangaroo and the short-beaked echidna? One can imagine the fights that would ensue.))

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rooster almost perfect. Give the horse a pretty horn and you have a unicorn.

A pig and a manatee? Could be delicious.

Goat and monkey! = Mongo

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hahaha....no it's wanting to kiss YOU!

That face does look like a monkey, doesn't it?

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Keep your guard up....you're so adorable. biggrin smiliewink smilie

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I've always wanted a very friendly and nice big cat as a pet... so a big cat and dog mix? smile smilie

A Bird Humanoid would be nice.


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I can't think of a single one. The world has lost so many species it would be those. I like reading all the ideas still.

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