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The players still have all their rights... just the teams (yes the team, not the player, but the team) will get fined if a player enacts on some of these rights.

Also thanks for sharing that video, first I heard he suggested the kneeling thing, though I still have some strong questions/concerns about some of the things both Kaepernick and his guide (and girlfriend) have said, that have kind of seemed racist.

Some others such as Richard Sherman (and others) have answered for Kaepernick, and I have to admit, I loved their answers... but I'm still not sure that's how Kaepernick meant them, as the context seemed differently.

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Seems that everyone disagrees with this. So this is a candidate for being labeled a "trolling".

When most people agree with a post it is not trolling.

See the difference?

"Trolling" (that is - intentionally saying things you know people will disagree with, possibly in order to spark an argument) is not permitted.

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