Where do you draw the line on what is art?

For example, the Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky is, to call a spade a spade, a self-harmer.

47% Here’s where I draw the line. 47% Art can never go too far! 7% Other
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Hurting someone agains't his or her will. I'm still uncomfortable with using the plural form, since it doesn't seem to fit. "Their" - that's just weird.

ZonkeyBallss avatar ZonkeyBalls Here’s where I draw the line. +3Reply

When you purchase a toliet lid, label it, and post it as art

RobertVonniks avatar RobertVonnik Here’s where I draw the line. +2Reply

I don’t. I don’t mind people displaying any trash and labeling it a piece of art. I do draw a line when buying art.. in that I don’t. I have never ever bought an expensive piece of art, and if I happen to become a billionaire one day, I still don’t think I’ll invest in art.

ZaraZoopers avatar ZaraZooper Art can never go too far! +2Reply

There must be at least a line. That's where I draw the line. lol

Long before this.

Image in content

Azlottos avatar Azlotto Here’s where I draw the line. +1Reply

My mother and brother are extremely talented in art. I grew up with wonderful creations of theirs. My mom would decorate a room beautifully, if she felt something was missing, she would sit down and draw a picture to tie everything together. We always had a wonderfully designed home. I know what I like. It seems others like my family's art too, as my brother and mom have received countless awards for their work😊

Don't splatter some paint on a canvas or weld a bunch of junk metal together and try to convince me it's art..

I don't care how expensive your wine is..

The Starry Night..that doesn't look complicated to me.
It looks like something a 10 year old with a good magic marker set, could have drawn it...or an adult on LSD.

You can hang it in a museum, put a billion dollar price tag on it but I don't see it.

Compared to that, I think the person that draws Scooby Doo has more talent.

DandyDons avatar DandyDon Here’s where I draw the line. -1Reply
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