I am so sick of the liberal media. All we see is oils spills and massive coal ash spills. They are so biased and unfair. You never see any reports on MSNBC or CNN about the wind spills or solar spills. Why is that?!? Think about that for minute. Thank goodness of fair balanced reporting by FOX news. Tell the truth for once!

Tennessee Landowners File $165M Suit Over Massive Coal Ash Spill-1/2Tennessee Landowners File $165M Suit Over Massive Coal Ash Spill Landowners in Tennessee have filed a $165 million lawsuit against the Tennessee Valley Autho...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwLCjD9UGhU
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Yeah, when will they do something about all these solar spills. I for one am tired of this aggressive sunlight. I mean seriously, wtf!

Network news...

The funny part is that some people believe one of those are better than the other.

Why be a sock puppet? I could never understand it.

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Oh, that's OK Chuck. 'People close to the situation', big, important people that wear lab coats and everything report that the hundreds of thousands of bats and birds by windmills are 'mere incidental'. In other words, they don't matter.

So, as you can see, the progressive left is consistent. They think the same way about their unborn children. Lives other than their own, are kind of unimportant.


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Because Dear Chuck, you are not the only one that will read it. I can't be certain that everyone will catch the sarcasm.

And now, you know why I blatantly reveal sarcasm.

Fox reporting the truth??? Now that's funny. Thanks for the laugh!

Well I’m sick of socks. You wouldn’t last a second in my shoes!hehe smilie