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As long as there is more than one person on earth... there will be wars.

Wars may be fought in the name of peace, religion, security, righteous indignation or whatever other excuse they can think of, but they're mostly done for profit.

Of all the activities humans engage in, none is more profitable than war. Governments spend themselves broke on war, and every dollar spent on war is a dollar earned by someone, and a lot of it goes into a few very deep pockets.

I once read a book called 'The Conspirators, Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider' by Al Martin. It was published in 2001, and the manuscript was completed just after the 2000 election, and at the end of the book he made a prediction about what the Bush presidency would hold. He said something to the effect of "expect a bogeyman to emerge, nobody makes any money unless there's a bogeyman."

As long as people want power there will be wars.

There will always be wars, or talk of wars. Sad that people can't get along.