What does it mean to be a 'lady' or a 'gentlemen'?

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When someone says 'it was a lady' I say...'how can you tell?' smirk smilie

A lady never takes off a gentleman's pants, without asking for the permission first.

A gentleman never takes off his pants, unless he is completely shitfaced and has had twelve negative replies to his earlier attempts to undress a lady.

Then, there are also badgers. None of the rules mentioned above apply to them.

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Let me rephrase it, please.

A lady never takes off her shoes, while attending a gala dinner filled with rich tycoons and old oil paintings hanging on the walls.

A gentleman never hangs himself next to an old oil painting depicting an autoerotic malfunction of a hamster.

Key word: Manners

A lady is always kind, modest and loyal to her friends.

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A gentlemen always respects other people, especially women, takes care of his family, serves his country and has love for all. Not too many men fill that bill.

Being respectful to (almost) everyone?

Being respectful to others.No foul mouth.No dressing like a hooker.
Being kind to others.That's my idea of being a lady.

It's known as having manners. Manners are a way of showing respect for other people. Generally strangers because your friends already know you're an asshole.

Not peeing in the pool.

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Acting in a manner that makes others comfortable in being around me.

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