Looking back, what have you wasted too many hours of your life doing?

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Looking back, i think none of what i have done was a waste. Got me here.

Killing time, watching tv, following sports, being online, sitting in the doctors office

Scheming a heist.

Not being appreciative of or living in the present. Regret solves nothing looking to the past, and anxiety over the future will not make the future a better one. Enjoying the moment and the now is the lesson I have learned now though.

Looking for my keys.

Playing online games,
Watching TV,
Watching YouTube,
Pointless thinking and talking to myself,
Parties and weddings. I hate them,
Amirite (I’m sorry. More often than not, I’d say I waste my time here.).

I’m a lazy procrastinator and I’m trying to change myself. A little. At a time. From tomorrow maybe.

Believing in people that have sought only to use and abuse me, or destroy parts of my life in general. Time lost can never be regained, make sure it counts in the people and memories that matter and elevate your life and spirit. No one should have to give up their soul to help another.

Oh, that would be drinking. I have been a drunk since I was 15 years old. It has honestly cost me a lot of things in my life. Today I am just 13 days away from being sober for two solid years but I had to cut everything pretty much out of my life the last two years.

I realized there were no consequences for my actions. It was getting sober and then when times get rough I would get drunk myself stupid to ease the pain. So two years ago, I cut out friends that drunk, family that drunk, no special events like weddings or baby showers, no going to movies, just go to work and home and repeat.

I have missed a lot of once in a lifetime things but I needed it to be honest otherwise I wouldn't have got where I am today.


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Thank ya kindly.

I really do try my best to be

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Thank ya that means a lot to me Linn

Anime and video games

still anime and video games

Worrying. 100%

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