What type of bedtime story could lull you into sleep tonight?

The happily-ever-after or a thought-provoking tale of tragedy?

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One of them was secretly a badger.

The happily ever after... want happy thoughts.

Once upon a time, there was a skateboard called George. All George had ever wanted was to roll down the highest hill in the vicinity. Naturally, since he didn't have eyes, he had no idea what he was asking for. A freak natural accident involving three dingleberries from Austin, Texas, and a nuclear reactor had caused a massive eruption of molten lava three days earlier. That was the biggest, hottest hill there had ever been. The accident itself had occurred on the same day, that George considered as his birthday. The day, that Billy The Retard had bought him his first wheels.

At the very same time, almost exactly to the second, there was a booming noise event heard in Bulgaria. Nobody knew what just had happened. Theories soon became surfacing about a secret dental work experiment done by otters. To this day... Are you still with me?

The one myself and someone else are writing on another site.We have two in fact.

I don’t want to name those novels, but there are books you read chapters of and literally nothing happens except a neat description of the place where the characters are, etc. No matter how eloquently it’s put, whatever book gives more description and less story makes me sleep.

everything story makes me sleep

The one where the little kids are running with scissors after the dragon.

I forget the name.....I always fall asleep.

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