Daydreaming: What do you Dream About?

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I don't do much daydreaming, but I have some really fantastic dreams at night. lol

dream about nothing different than my everyday life. I dream I am reading or sleeping. How silly - dreams are supposed to be fun

I sometimes daydream about traveling to places like Ireland and Australia.

I don't daydream much these days. As a kid I often daydreamt about fantastical mechanical devices that could lift me away or fetch me items from afar.

Just silly ruminations of what I want to do or don't want to do. Sometimes stories I want to write. Visions of the future that haunt me. Evasions of the doldrums that plague my Hague

Respecting ducks

I'm dreaming about a place to buy a sock.

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I dream about things I could never do. Like singing or dancing.
I always loved Muscicals.Silly me.

Having money to live, having a nice house on a tropical island, having healthcare

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