Are your parents partly to blame for your love life?

There were/are a lot of undateable people out there...who raised them?

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What love life?

Oh yeah, they were def involved somehow...

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Yeah, he really set you up for failure with that one :)

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Hey, my parents were only divorced until us kids were grown, so what do I know ;)

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Booze, I hear you can have it delivered...
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Or :>

There's always that... the last great & best-est hope. lmfao

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Broken marriages destroy children.

I don't think they're to blame. As I think you should keep your love life and parents apart and have little to do with each other tongue smilie

Why did you go there...I don't want to imagine how I was conceived : )

If they are they sure deserve a lot of credit; I'm very happy having been with my wife for 28 years. It just couldn't be any better. My children: 30 year-old girl with three kids, happily married, 22 year old girl, happily married, and 19 year old boy with the same girlfriend for 2 years, happily, are doing very well also. If I'm responsible for that, I'll take it.

I don't blame my parents for anything. They never divorced, set a good example for us kids. In fact, my Mom encouraged me to marry my husband. I'm so glad I listened to her. Have had a long and happy marriage. But I do find it rather strange, that some people diss me for having a happy marriage....I guess it's because they can't stand seeing anyone happy when they are so miserable. So out comes the bitterness towards me. lol

No, I met mine on the internet. So I blame the internet, and friends I hang out with heh.

My mum and father got separated sometime before I turned 3, and mum had quite a few flings after which. Father has had a couple, and now has a half-family. Mum finally has someone good, so it works for them.

Come to think of it, my mum probably has had an influence because i had more than one mate and short-lived at that until I met my current, and it's been 4 years with her.

That's irresponsible to shift failures or successes of your life onto anyone else outside of the relationships. With that understood, our parents are typically the first example we observe in what a relationship is and looks like, for better, for worse, if there is any.

Couldn't have done it without them..

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