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Yet you are always one of those who come to the party and comment, multiple times per post.

So thanks! Keep up the good work.

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And there it is. Multiple comments on a topic you are "bored" with. God bless your little soul.

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I think what he's saying, he'll do what ever gets him the most amount of attention.... and you keep giving him the most amount of attention on political post.

So if you want him to keep going on political post, then keep posting on his political post.

If you want him to stop, then stop giving him attention on political post.

In other words... stop feeding the troll on subjects or posts you don't perfer.

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Wow I did not see that coming, I thought he was mistaken, but looks like you kinda just matched his point.

That's his point... non-political post aren't interesting people. So he's posting his opinion on politics.

So let me make sure I'm understanding... this is an opinion website, and you want more political post, but only if the opinion agree with your support the President stance? o_o smilie

I thought different people were suppose to have different opinions.

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I like your opinion... and I like you. I'm just misunderstanding something...

You said "if they are not political then most of them don't interest me"

Don't you want more post that interest you?

I made the assumption that we all wanted more post that interest us... if that assumption is wrong, my apologies.

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Okay gotcha, thanks for helping me understanding.

So what type of questions interested you on sodahead that you aren't seeing hear, because I'll try asking different questions if I think people will be interested

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I'm trying to find some non-political subjects that the majority are interested in... but not coming up with much luck.

So far, it's been wrestling is fake...

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Thank goodness that you are so rational.

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I'm so tired of the biased politics and the bashing sad smilie

And the satire, and really politics all together...

Thanks, I'll remember to click disagree when I disagree with you.

@Maze Thanks, I'll remember to click disagree when I disagree with you.

Seriously much appreciated. Disagrees and down votes help me. I am a math guy.

I see your point, as political posts are in right now.

Though I think that is a very sad unfortunate thing, as all these political post, are biased, polarized and horrible for the committee of the people of the board.

Yes they drum up a number of people, but it just brings out all the negative, and one sided nonsense.

Stupid political posts do seem to be getting more action than anything else

You were typecast and you get a following that agrees with you more than disagrees because you attract that kind of following due to what you post, and how that goes with the demographics of the site. Welcome to the world of Fandom. What you describe, is a type of a fandom or a group of alike-followers and whatnot.

Like with artists that started out doing clean artwork and got a modest following, then turned to mature artwork and that actually got them attention and a mass following ensues, and when they start doing clean artwork again, there's even lesss than when they started, due to being known for the mature art, rather than the clean art, even if the artist is only doing the mature art because that's what the fans want from him, not some "Bob Ross" painting that might actually be good, but it doesn't entertain the same.

Actors get typecast for that reason, they turn themselves into jokes when they attract certain kinds of attention, like Robert Downey Jr. First with the drugs, and now Marvel; It's less like Robert playing Tony, it's Tony playing Robert. So when he plays Sherlock Holmes, it's more like Tony Stark playing him. That happened with Dr. Who's actor playing Holmes too, it's more like the Doctor is doing it, and not the actor.

But, most actors that get typecasted, generally embrace it. Robert knows it, and he plays his fans for it. You could avert yourself from it and keep doing what you actually want to do, even if it doesn't get you the same attention, like Daniel Radcliffe.