Is your country child-centred or adult-centred?

42% Child-centred 33% Adult-centred 25% Other
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chuck tom. How about your tax bills, don't you look at them to see how much goes to schools vs other expenses? I get mad that the schools take so much, I have no kids but I have to pay for all these kids school forever.

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I worked at my city hall for most of my career so I got to see how the tax was set up. Far as I know nothing has changed. Someone got cut every year usually from important areas while schools still got money to play football. What a waste in my mind.

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Oh that was a savings for sure. Who are the illegals going into canada?

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ChuckTom thank you, I didn't realize people from so far away were going to canada. As with those who come to Maine they don't stay too long cause of the cold.

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OH well just too many of them- the parents expect more all the time. Not my job I didn't have kids.

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OK they aren't all that educated as it is.

As far as I know, because I have no children - and don't know any children. OK by me.

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Selfish of them I say, yet, ‘tis nature’s way...
No matter how quick or bright a species may be, the adults will ever run things, from what I see.

Every country is "adult centered" ... because adults are the ones who run the country.

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There is a lot of talk about children but the actions are centered around adults.

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adult children. with "safe spaces" for people who haven't grown up yet and need to be coddled, when things don;t go their way

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