You enjoy reading, amirite?

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Right! I can't imagine a week when I'm not in the middle of a good book. nrd smilie

JanHaskells avatar JanHaskell Yeah You Are +3Reply

I do love reading, everything I can get for free so my interests are always changing. Many times it is suspense action books. Kindle is always giving something away for free and there are book swaps at the grocery stores.

Jan same here, but I usually have 2 going in different parts of the house. So I can read while waiting to get sleepy or waiting for something to cook.

All the reading I have to do right now is for exams. I pretty much hate reading right now because I’m forced. sad smilie

Who doesn’t?

Mashas avatar Masha Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Masha Who doesn’t?

lotz of peoples and wolves, they're just not answering this question smirk2 smilie

Zolfies avatar Zolfie Yeah You Are +1Reply
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