They say everyone has a book in them.What would yours be about?

Image for post They say everyone has a book in them.What would yours be about?
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Oh gosh I have started maby books but I don't have the concentration to finish any of them. I will let my cousin be the author of the family. She writes historical romance books. Danelle harmon books are terrific if you like romance.

Probably some cool time-travelling fiction....but something that might happen to real people...not weird looking beings...

Hypocrites Beware....

I started a fictional story about a twin being delivered under anesthesia and adopted out without the mother's knowledge. Maybe I'll finish it someday. (I could also do a true short story about the challenges and amazing rewards of raising a special needs child.)

it would be about 300 pages.

Well, I've had a story brewing in my head for awhile, it's kind of sill sci-fi thing.

So, the world is in the middle of a giant civil war. Spies for the good guys have stolen plans for the bad guys super dooper weapon, cable of destroying the homeland of the good guys.

A pretty girl warrior for the good guys has the plans but she was captured by the bad guys. She had stored the plans on an SD card within her smartphone. The phone falls into the hands of some nerdowell traders who will make deals with the good guys or bad guys - who ever pays.

So, there's a pot farmer working in good guy land that needed a new phone and got hold of the one with the secret plans. The pot farmer goes to his best customer to ask him what he thinks he should do. The big customer meditates and senses that the pot farmer has super powers and advises him to go with him and take the information to the Pentagon.

There's a lot more to the story, but it might take 40 years or more to tell the whole thing. What do you think?

I've written three books. They have my love of animals and key points for kids growing up in today's world. Bullying, divorce, and unfortunately alcoholism. I try to keep it light and entertaining. I've been so fortunate. My books have one book of the year three times in a row. Also character counts awards. I feel a fourth one coming😊

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