Canada vs United Kingdom

Which would you pick? ;P

Image for post Canada vs United Kingdom
38% Canada 38% United Kingdom 25% Other
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5 26

I respect both countries, both great friends of America. There are some great people from Canada on this site, and the same about the Brits.

I've been to Canada, but would love to go to England, so I choose England.

England isn't known for great food. Canada has all the stuff we have in usa . maple syrup cheese sauce for fries. I rarely eat those but as far as I know english breakfast is oatmeal or pudding of some sort - hey is that why there are not great teeth in england?? Joking kinda.. chew smilie

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Looks like you haven't cast your official vote (yet)

If you vote UK, then it really looks like the UK will be running away with this, at 4-1. !

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I've got a feeling, that you're going to keep weighing your options for a good while hehe smilie

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I'm surprised Canada didn't show up to support their side more.

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Maybe! ... or maybe Trudeau saw this post and told everyone to get at their battle stations? xp smilie

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100% other because zimbabwe is best babwe

with trudumb in power, Canada is a laughing stalk to the world

In what...rock, paper, scissors?

@Walt_OReagun Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard

Yeah I was honestly thinking of suggesting that, but some don't know how to play.

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@DandyDon That's in the finals..

Wow, I can't believe you're the only one that voted Canada xp smilie (so far)

@DandyDon A lot of people will be sorry in the end

I thought Canada would win xp smilie and so far they're getting blown out, maybe you'll blow out and catch up in the second half xp smilie

@DandyDon In what...rock, paper, scissors?

Anything you want, it's a completely random (and hopefully fun/silly) popularity contest.

So could be any of the following (and more)
~ rock, papper, scissors
~ who has the better red/white flag
~ which offers a better breakfast

Anything you want!

Edit: With one vote in, United Kingdom took the lead! tongue smilie

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