If you were a "street pharmacist", what would you offer a client?

Let's have some fun and play in the street. No ratting out on your fellow traders please. This isn't Wall Street. We're brothers and sisters, not sharks. This is a safe haven for all your wicked wickets of the wicked witches, John Wick. I didn't shoot his dog, but he definitely needs something for his "back pain".

Image for post If you were a "street pharmacist", what would you offer a client?
0% Horse 12% Blow 35% Grass 0% Ice 12% Dragon 12% Black Water 0% Rock 6% Dust 6% I'd be like Walgreens, everything on the menu. 18% Other
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Cocaine gum drops to soothe tooth ache or to lift spirits up like they did in the early days.

Don't ask me what these mean. You either know or you don't. Street rules! :P

(There should be a way to change colours of the options. Would make it convenient and fun for answers like these heh.)

Anyway, Black Water is definitely the best drug out of Ethiopia. That country must short for Ethereal Opium, because they either had no idea how popular and far-reaching the black stuff would get.

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